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Harmony Villa Art House

Artist Studio  -  Events   -  Bed & Breakfast  -  Creative & Wellbeing Retreats 

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Inspiring, relaxing, transformative, healing, are the words many visitors to Harmony Villa have used to say how they feel when they are here. You are invited to spend some time with us,

Following Safe in Nature protocols, appointments are required. Email or call +1767-225-8393

Art House Tour:

Take a detour out of your day and come chill out with us. A visit to Harmony Villa Art House is a chance to envelope yourself in creative and peaceful energy. Free independent short tour of our private art collection and ongoing art exhibitions around the villa spaces. Fresh brewed coffee, brews, juices, punches and wines available.

'Clear Skies for You Retreat' - a 3 hour personal / business clarity & planning:

Find your path to a quiet inscape for a clarifying and inspiring seated or walking meditation in our wild forest garden followed by a guided creative journaling, life legacy exploration and goal settling session. These sessions are profoundly enlightening and releasing. A great way to reset yourself,, feeling optimized and resourceful so you are deeply engaged with your 'WHY' so can have a productive, purpose driven and balanced life. 

This session will be followed by a healthy sumptuous lunch or early evening meal and herbal and/or fruit beverages on arrival.

  • Price: US$175 per person for 1 or 2 people.

  • $150 per person 3 to 5 persons - (maximum 5 people per experience)


Recalibration Day:

Are you a creative or need to find creative solutions to a current block, challenge or trauma? Are you seeking a transformative emotional and physical release so you can sleep well, shake off anxiety and fog and just feel rested yet renewed, inspired to tackle those issues with ease & gratitude? Well then you need this  Recalibration Day. Choose to be guided through a Body, Art & Soul 3 hour immersive coaching session followed by an all raw very healthy sumptuous lunch or early evening meal and a herbal and/or fruit beverages on arrival.

  • Price: US$175 per person for 1 or 2 people.

$150 per person 3 to 5 persons - (maximum 5 people per experience)

Body Mind connection with Private Pilates session:
Spend an hour connecting with every inch of you, during a deeply releasing and strengthening personalized Pilates session with Carla during  a private Pilates sessions in our well equipped Pilates studio. We accommodate 1 or 2 clients at a time for Studio session.

PILATES Studio Rates for a 60 minute session:

  • 1 Session EC$175 / US$65

  • 3 Session Bundle EC$494 / US$185

  • 6 Session Bundle EC$961 / US$360

  • 10 Session Bundle EC$1560 / US$585


All materials, tools and hand outs for the experiences are provided and guided during our experiences

safe in nature logo.png

PILATES Pilates Studio, Creative & Mindset Coaching with Carla 

At Harmony Villa Art House, Pont Casse, 

in Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean

We are a national 'Safe in Nature' Property certified for on-property experiences.
You can feel confident that all COVID Protocols will be practiced.

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