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About me and my work.

“To be creative and productive is to be fully present, authentic and courageous.”

Artist Bio

Carla Armour is a multi-media Conceptual Artist & Painter, Curator and Courage Coach Living and working in Dominica and Southeast England.


Her paintings are pure abstractions. At times she will incorporate suggestions of West African symbols and Kalinago glyph images and markings, poems, Automatic Writing and drawing within layers, all of which include various media like inks, charcoals and pastels, acrylics, oils as well as paper and fabric collage including her signature Hessian (Burlap/Sackcloth). Hints of grids can be found lurking within or on top these layers too, a nod to the ’boxes’ women have historically been consigned to,… in exchange these cross lines reflect not just the ‘weft and the warp’ of the tapestries of life but also the maturity, calm and order women infuse into our chaotic world.


After graduating from Parsons School of Design, her first venture on her return in 1988 was to revisit the local artist scene and curated a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Dominica’s leading artists, in which she also participated. Over the past 35 years Armour has participated in collaborations and group exhibitions in many islands in the Caribbean, in the US, UK, Europe and Namibia (Southern Africa).


Some of the most notable shows Armour has done so far are; ‘High Noon’ a group exhibition at the Iris Dangleben Gallery in Dominica (1996), what was seen as a turning point in Fine Art Scene at the time, The International Art Project ‘Women of the World, a Global Collection of Art’ (1998), an International Artist Exchange, ‘Carambolage’ (1998) with 8 artists from Austria and Dominica, a solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (2006), Paintings Commissioned and poetry readings for The Nature Island Literary Festival (2008), and the UK based project ‘Wheel ‘n Come Again’ (over 6 months in 2016); a dynamic Film & Arts program managed by Legacy Film UK for which exhibitions and events venues included Onca Gallery, Hastings Arts Forum and culminating in a 2 day program at Fabrica, Brighton in December 2016. Armour has also exhibited her paintings and performed her poetry at 3 of the most recent Caribbean Fine Arts Fairs in Barbados, first attending in March 2017.


Armour’s work is in private and public collections across the world from Namibia to, Europe, the US and the Caribbean. She continues to show at fairs and curated shows in the Caribbean and the US.


 Read her full Artist Statement, Bio and Resumé here.

CarlaArmourArtist by Gibson Blanc (5).jp
CarlaArmour_Dream Series#1,Acrylic & Ink
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