Welcome to my site... It is an honour to Share Space with you. 

I am Carla Armour, I am passionate about using my work,

skills and story to create provocative experiences and reflective spaces where you can find yourself, answer questions or dwell in stillness to find bliss and renewal. My art is interactive and inclusive and incorporates

multi-discipline visual & conceptual installations, objects, paintings, performance and poems. 

I am super proud to be taking part in

Brighton & Hove's Online Artist Open Houses this year!
In recognition of this, ALL ART on my site has been discounted by a Special AOH21 21% Discount.

Great reason to snatch up one of my original pieces! 

Welcome to my gallery, please browse my collections by clicking the images below. 

You can view collections of my paintings, exhibitions, shared spaces, interactive art, well loved pieces my collectors around the world treasure, a look at my studio in England, my Art House in the Heart of Dominica and some biographical info about me too