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Acrylic on wooden shipping palett. 

47 x 31 x 6 inches.

120 x 79 x 15 cm. 



The West African Adinkra symbols mean endurance, resilience, power of love, godliness, affluence and abundance through unity, unburnable, indestructibility, creativity, renewal.

The shipping pallet of imports and exports speaks to the relief supplies and support that Dominica received after disasters, speaks of the high imports into small developing 'INDEPENDENT' nations. And reminds us that among the first imports were West African slaves.


The smokey stencils, grids and patterns forming their multiple layers and juxtapositions are meant to allow a pause for thought on multiple meanings.

This piece is truly very very special. Zoom in and meditate on it. This is my prayer, a world where interdependence is revered and celebrated. Together we can achieve our wildest dreams if only we recognize these truths.

'Ancestral Chants ii - Interdependence'

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