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Creation Core - Triptych 

Acrylic, mixed media and ink on Canvas

3x12(36)x17x1.5 inches

3x30.5(91.5)x43x3.8 cm


God knows, I needed that blessed escape, with no preconceptions at all, just crank out the work until I could do no more. Started as a study for a larger altar piece, how I use my triptychs, that was a plan for a strong base upon which to make further marks but I just got more and more carried away enjoying each of the many many layers that went on, either in washes or impasto. In the end the grids, the circles and spirals of the original dance were concealed, but that’s life isn’t it? I felt this piece just so represented for me the core of creation. A deep immersive affair with the medium in the moment.

'Creation Core' Triptych

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