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Acrylic on hessian (hung from wood at the back)

71 x 52.5 inches. 

180 x 133 cm. 



It has taken me years to resolve as I have allowed the materials and colors to fall into place. It had to take the time it took to get the message right. 

Although I have been painting with grid elements and hessian for almost 3 decades this more monochromatic palette was taking me out of my comfort zone. I am known for my use of vibrant color so when, in my meditative state, I was guided to use this palette I had to have THAT conversation with myself. 

My colors in this painting which include the gold are a statement of woman's self worth, the Hessian, fabric of humility, asks to be broken, cut, torn, un-tethered as women ask daily to be un-tethered from other's perceptions and expectations.

As with other paintings, I allowed the colors to birth out of a meditative state and once I see elements I like I play with colored paper cutouts, taping and free drawing to map out a composition to guide me but not necessarily to predict the final outcome. 

This painting was a real evolution inspired by the material and my love of painting most of all.

'Creation Dance'

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