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Dream Series #2 


Acrylic on Canvas. 

19.7 X 23.6 X 1 inches. 

50 X 60 X 2.5 cm


Like a DNA Double Helix a continuous line runs through us all, in dream phases just before awakeness, or is it that meditative space between sleep and consciousness? there, appears a clarity... a colourful image depicting something that is not first unrecognisable
In a more conscious state once the gestures are on canvas or sketch book and the images start to reveal themselves, then come the play of colour; depth and light. I feel the need to place my hand there, to be present in the painting, claiming it my own. The Bese Saka the Adinkra symbol for abundance, affluence, togetherness and power is printed with a carved Ghanaian Calabash stamp appears at times veiled while visible. You decide what that can mean for you.

This piece has been developed through multiple layers of washes and sketching, the piece is more a process of exploration and play than anything else so I hope you can enjoy it too.


'Dream Series 2'

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