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Acrylic on canvas paper. 

11.8 x 16.5 inches.

30 x 42 cm.



Working towards ‘Escapades Series’ for Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in October 2018 Show:

“I looked up the word escapade even though I knew what it meant but I wanted to roll my tongue around the word and every word and synonym in its definition. God knows, I needed that blessed escape.

Intent on getting up to some serious antics I made a decision not to make any decisions before-hand.
No preconceptions at all, just crank out the work until I could do no more.
Easiest way to trick myself into this self-inflicted prank was, I felt to work on paper.
This had to be a leap, a total affair with the medium in the moment.
I had to agree to let my intuition get up to some mischief, a colour fest… a real spree.
I had to purposely be purposeless, abandon all self and allow myself to get up to some real shenanigans.

Purposed to escape from all confinement
Escape from all structure
Escape from form and predicated shape and symbol
Guided purely by my desire to play
To play a conniving trick on anything else I had slaved over this year 
Why did that word ‘slave’ just pop up there?
Damn, well maybe subconsciously that is in fact how I feel, 
that I have slaved over so many things this year? 
Been restrained by my circumstances 
allowing myself to be confined to a particular interpretation?
Well to hell with all that crap!

What an amazing opportunity it is to leap off on a totally exhilarating adventure and just do the deed! ---- actually, it was more like the deed was done to me --- I played a prank on myself. Hahaha…
Well,… I am abandoning ship_ _ _ _ _ I am off on another escapade”

'Illusions of Grandeur, A Brief Escape - in Magenta and Green'

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