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Acrylic on Canvas.

24 x 24 x 2 inches. 

61 x 61 x 5 cm.



Coming though is a strong orange center, for me the colour of creation. With a freedom of expression, pushing through the rigid boxed-in-spaces, gridlines, places we are sometimes forced to inhabit. Orange Center is a celebration of beauty and resilience, making the most of a situation. The process again was playful, started with washes and finger painting, using colour relationships to develop more resonance and movement. The eye wants to find something pleasurable in so many secret places on the canvas, as it should be. My work is a reflection of life as I want and will it to be and that, in my view, should be everyone’s resolve. 

So meditate on a creative warm smooth and emollient center and work out from there.
This painting, as with most of my work, has its sides painted, it was masked and taped and painted in layer after layer of colours that spoke to me, it spoke itself into being.

'Orange Centre'

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