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Acrylic on canvas 

35.5x35.5x2.5 inches

90x90x6.3 cm


I am hugely inspired by Louise Bourgeois and Mark Rothko for their emotive and sensorial work. Other movements and artists such as Theosophists and Suprematismist like Hilma Af Klint, Malevich, Klee and Kandinsky as well as Mondrian, Albers, Delauney and so many others along that style who used pure colour for its emotive and spiritual effects. This painting is achieved through many layers of acrylic translucent and opaque washes on primed stretched canvas and protected with a matte varnish.

Generally, I like my work to be emotive.
I love the actual act of creation, playing with the material and the effects I can produce, I work with colour and their meanings, with automatic writing and drawing and the liberation I feel from my first markings to my last. I love the freeness of the initial abstract expression while at the same time reducing it down to lines and shapes and combinations that draw the audience inward.

My paintings seek to depict Dream-scapes and elements of the female’s life; fragmentation and growth, survival and sanctity, rituals and the sheer imperishable determination to survive. Their search for safety and security, respect and recognition. The various scenarios of women’s roles as mothers, daughters, sisters or matriarchs. On the other side of the coin the messages speak to the dis-empowerment and objectification, marginalization and displacement, and the necessity to find one’s space; spiritually, physically; geographically. We are all seeking that Sacred Space where we find true Resonance.


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